Michel Gondry wishes to give to everyone the opportunity to participate in the creative process of making of a film. That’s why the Home Movie Factory travels the world:
This exhibition was first produced by Deitch Projects, a leading New York gallery. It opened in March 2008 in NY and within a month it reached 30 000 visitors.
It traveled, in December 2008, to the Museum of Image&Sound in Sao Paulo where it achieved a record of over 500 000 visitors.
The exhibition opened in Paris in February 2011 in the Centre Georges Pompidou. In two months 65 000 visitors came. 4 500 people took part in the workshop.
In September-October 2012 it travelled to Johannesburg where participants shot 350 movies and from January to March to Rotterdam, where more than 400 movies were shot.
From August to September, it settled in Moscow in the Centre for Contemporary Culture “Garage”. In 1,5 months 5 000 people took part in the workshop and directed more than 300 short movies. More than 40 000 visited the sets.
In 2014, the Home Movie Factory took place in Tokyo’s MOTArt Museum where it welcomed 51 000 visitors.
Since 2015 and 2016 it travelled in France : twice in Cannes, at the “Palais des Festivals”, in Roubaix (La Condition Publique) and in Arenberg Creative Mine.