How it works? 3 hours = 3 steps workshop

Step 1 – Choosing and Writing

Workshop 1: Finding a story (45 min)
The group (from 5 to 15 people) takes a tour of the different film sets. He then settles in the first workshop where he reads the instructions and democratically chooses a camera person. The group decides the film’s genre and title, defines its characters and determines the plot.

Workshop 2: Writing the script (45 min)
The group members chart the action scene by scene and select props and costumes.

Moscow Home Movie Factory-workshop1

Step 2 – The shooting

Finally, using a small video camera they shoot their movie, in the chronological order, editing as they go.

CASA tournage 7

Step 3 – The screening

Finished movies are screened to the group in the HMF’s cinema theatre and added to the video store’s stock, where they can be viewed by visitors on a widescreen television.

Three hours later, the group leaves the HMF with a DVD of his own little masterpiece!

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